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In the heart of the Nile Delta in one of the most traditional textile cities "Mehalla Elkobra" located midway between Cairo and Alexandria, GATT (Garment And Terry Towel Industrial Co.) started production in 1994.

GATT company is centrally located between Cairo airport and the following seaports:

Alexandria, Damietta and Port-Said.

The distance to any of these locations does not exceed 150 miles.

The company is a private sector, share holding company.

For garment importers GATT offers numerous advantages, some to be mentioned below:

1.      Export oriented unit.

2.      Have a qualified industrial zone status ( QIZ ).

3.      Vertical industrial facilities ( from yarn to garment ).

4.      Between GATT and its sister companies you can have a wide range of products.

5.      The services of dyeing, printing and finishing from GATT company is enough to be utilized by the mother & the sister companies, consequently, turning all of them into vertical companies also ( from yarn to garment or towel ).

GATT is situated on 300,000 square feet, which hosts 2 main multi story buildings beside some sheds having in total 350,000 square feet roof.

GATT labor force are 1700 employees.



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