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In its quest to produce quality goods to meet the standards requested by its up-market customers, the company did not spare an effort to implement academic theories along with systems developed by our customers and mould all together to get a certain set-up suitable to the local conditions.

This could be summarized in the following:

a)     The resources of raw material are certified suppliers ( a condition of our customers ).

b)      All our chemicals and dye-stuff are from reputable companies accompanied by safety data sheet ( a condition to acquire OEKO-TEX ).

c)     Extensive testing and random inspection are applied to our purchases of raw materials (yarn), dye-stuff chemicals, trims and accessories.

d)     After cutting, each piece in the panel is checked and marked by the dye lot number.

e)    In the sewing section the sewing machines are formed in lines, each line is between 18-24 machines, each line has one production supervisor and one quality supervisor, every 3 lines have one SPC (statistical process control) supervisor applying systems like median and attribute charts.

f)      After ironing final check by SPC supervisors is carried out.

g)     A representative sample from each style, lot or order is selected according to AQL chart and checked in the MQC (Mini Quality Center) according to AQL level after which the order is shipped to the client or rejected and sent back to the production department.

All quality assurance and MQC staff reports to the quality assurance manager who reports directly to the CEO of the company.

















Quality Assurance






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