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GATT is concerned with the welfare of the personnel and their capability of enhancing progress. Therefore, a considerable part of the company’s revenues is dedicated to staff compensation, benefits and training programs. Also GATT takes pride in its records of the human rights, health and safety aspects of the employees: This is illustrated in the following:- 

§    Minimum age is observed.

§    A free-of-charge nursery for workers’ babies.

§    All sewing rooms, cutting rooms and ironing rooms are fully air-conditioned.

§    Knitting room air is circulated every 2 minutes; hence minimizing fluff.

§    In-house medical clinic.

§    Free uniforms for the whole staff, safety gears such as plastic boots in the dyeing house, metal gloves for the cutting room operators and masks for stain cleaners by chemicals.

§     Fire extinguishers are installed.

§     Non-smoking sign is enforced.

§     In house clinic visited by a private doctor daily.












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